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Cheese Making

Manchego Cheese

(4.2) 112 ratings.

Manchego cheese has historically been crafted using milk sourced from sheep that graze on the elevated central Plateau of Spain. This hard cheese boasts a silky texture, a buttery mouthfeel, and a flavorful prof...

Meat Curing

Spanish Fuet

(4.5) 28 ratings.

These thin Spanish salami's are very addictive and my absolute favorite.

Sauces & Spices

Best Steak Marinade

(4.1) 112 ratings.

This steak marinade is one of the best all-round steak marinade recipes you will ever taste. It's versatile, savoury and great for barbecue.


Albondigas en Salsa

(3.8) 148 ratings.

Authentic Spanish Meatballs in wine sauce, albóndigas en salsa, are a classic Spanish dish. This is just the most amazing dish ever!


Chicken Wings and Bravas

(4.2) 24 ratings.

The greatest go-to meal in the world. Fast and oh-so tasty! This, ladies and gentlemen is my crispy Moroccan chicken wings and Spanish patatas bravas.


Grilled Spanish Mackerel

(4.2) 149 ratings.

Now is the time to enjoy delicious, healthy Spanish Mackerel. A favorite of Spain and widely available, it's also one of the cheapest fish you can buy. Delicious when grilled!


Chuletón De Vaca

(4.9) 36 ratings.

Chuletón - Aged Galician beef steak with caramelized onions and chimichurri sauce.

Meat Curing

Cured Spanish Chorizo

(4.8) 11 ratings.

If you think of Spain, you think of Jamon, Tapas, Paella and of course, Chorizo! This cured pork sausage is world famous and rightfully so. It's full of flavor and a staple food in my house.

Fruit and Vegetables

Smashed Roast Potatoes

(4.6) 115 ratings.

This recipe is unbelievably easy and so delicious. If you’re the type of person who has never really been into roasted potatoes because they’re too “potatoey” and not enough like a french fry , then these are for...


Authentic Spanish Paella

(4.8) 138 ratings.

The flavors are amazing. The texture just perfect. Spanish Seafood Paella is a great social dish, that everyone around the table can enjoy. Make it in a large Paella pan and put it in the middle of the table. View


Gambas Ajillo

(4.1) 98 ratings.

Gambas al Pil Pil or Gambas Ajillo in Spain is a great way to easily serve up shrimp. Each spicy garlic shrimp is loaded with Spanish flavor and the entire dish is done in under 20 minutes. Salut!